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The Right to Bear Arms Vs. The Right Not To Be Shot

It is the Second Amendment that allows gun nuts to arm themselves to the teeth on the pretense that they are part of the militia allowed to bear arms to defend a free country.

The main problem with how broadly defined the Second Amendment is worded is that it means gun nuts can justify having enough firepower to wipe out entire towns claim to more rights than sane people who prefer to die of natural causes having reached old age. Unfortunately the Bill of Rights allows people of doubtful sanity to buy all the guns they can afford in cash or with a credit card.

While the gun nuts use the right to a well regulated militia to excuse buying machine guns and body armor the rest of us law abiding and taxpaying citizens are in danger every time someone with a heavy machine gun and wearing armor has a bad day at the office, gets annoyed at school, or suddenly decides that nobody should go to the cinema or their local place of worship on a particular day. A well regulated militia is not needed when the country has one of the most powerful army in the world, or the Canadians and the Mexicans do not consider invading us as a viable option. Furthermore, the Joker Killer and the Norway Shooter were not defending anyone when they carried out their killing sprees.

 The United States seems to be obsessed with human rights but somewhere along the line the rights of him nuts seem to have become far more influential than the rights of normal well balanced people who do not own guns and do not need guns. Politicians generally have no concerns about allowing the Second Amendment to continue being interpreted in a way, which permits people with a licence, and money to buy guns and then do what they want, regardless of who else gets hurt. The law factors the rights of maniacs to own guns and go killing if they get angry enough, well ahead of the rights of everyone else not to be shot. These maniacs just carry on buying and stockpiling guns and ammunition and more and more of them are opting to use these weapons to cause death and carnage on an unprecedented scale. Having a hunting rifle or a shotgun to defend your property is one thing, yet it is completely different from having an assault rifle and 2000 rounds of ammunition as many of the gun nuts hold as a minimum.

Our government is failing in it’s duty to protect us from gun wielding maniacs that all too often have the power of life and death over hundreds of us from the time they begin to shoot and the time it takes for the Police to get to the scene and stop the bloodshed. The priority needs to be given to reinterpret the Second Amendment so that normal people are protected from gun wielding crazies. Otherwise countless other people are going to be killed until guns are restricted.

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